[August 7th, 2015] Day at the Canadian Museum of Nature and Parliament Hill

[August 7th, 2015] Day at the Canadian Museum of Nature and Parliament Hill

Date: Friday, August 7, 2015

Group: Round-headed Apple Borer

Location: Gatineau and Ottawa

Address: 100 Laurier St, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0M8, Canada  

We set out at 8:15 am on a yellow school bus for our adventurous day. Our first stop today was at the Canadian Museum of Nature Research Centre in Gatineau, Quebec. We had a little introduction about the history of the museum before we toured the facility. We visited four different rooms including the Herbarium, the room of Fossils, the room of Large Skeletons, and the room of Birds and Small Mammals. We learned how the scientists preserved all the species of plants, fossils, skeletons and mammals. We also got to see many preserved samples including lichens, flowers, leaves, a tiger, a passenger pigeon, horned dinosaur fossils, a blue whale jaw bone and even two moose’s antlers lodged together.

After the visit to the museum, we stopped at Bait Island to have lunch. Everyone was able to have an apple, a granola bar, some carrot sticks, chocolate cookies and either a salami or an egg salad wrap.

We left at around 1:00 pm to head to Parliament Hill where everyone was dropped off to go their own separate ways for the afternoon. We met up at 4:15 pm to head back to QUBS for dinner while passing by the Rideau Canal. There were some singing, talking and laughing while on the ride back to QUBS.

We had dinner a little later due to the full schedule and are anticipating the end-of-the-course slideshow by two of the groups as well as the bonfire.





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