[July 23th,2015]–the first day of amazing trip

[July 23th,2015]–the first day of amazing trip(Southwest University)


Blog written by southwest university.

Members: Junshu Li,Mengxi Wu,Yeqi Lin.


About 11:00 GMT on July 23, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University, Tongji University and Southwest University’s students are gathered together in Shanghai Pudong Airport. About half past one o’clock at local time, the whole collection is completed. We got the boarding check cards and checked the baggage. Then we started 14 hours in the air trip.

Our flight is one of the biggest flight which has divided into three different zones.Each chair has a screen and we can use it to choose the entertainment which we like, such as movies and games. The flight provide us 3 meals for us. Although it was terrible, we still ate a lot so that we can not eat anymore.

After more than one-third stroke across the globe, we finally came to the North America of Canada–Ontario Toronto. Our first impression on this country is that it has many people of different races.Canada is a diverse country, starting living with Indians.Lately,with the European invasion this country,the birth of modern civilization began. Canada is few of a nation which can inclusive other country. Therefore, there are many different places immigrants, diversity has become their national policy of peaceful coexistence.

When we went out of the airport, Teacher Yu and Mark was waiting for us with happiness. Then we ate our first dinner in Canada, and what’s the most impressive was that the special recipe combined with the rare fish made this meal become more delicious. Also the ice cream in Canada is another try for us, that’s excellent. After dinner, we arrived in a comfortable hotel.

With tired and excited, we ended up the day in the hotel which had clean surroundings and soft bed. It’s a nice beginning and we are looking forward to the next few days in Canada.







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