[2015年7月4日] – 中国学生在加拿大的第二天 Chinese students second day in Canada  

[2015年7月4日] – 中国学生在加拿大的第二天 Chinese students second day in Canada  

本日志由来自北京师范大学的学生撰写  by students from Beijing Normal University

Group members:Zhong Manna   Liu Yutong  Yu Xiaoyu  Xing Kangnan  Li Zixiang  Feng Xiaofei

Weather: Sunny, Temp:15-30℃,

After a night of rest, we finally began our trip of Canada. Today we visited main spots of Toronto in the morning and Royal Botanical Gardens along with the Cootes Paradise Restortion in the afternoon.

The first stop was University of Toronto. Although the visit only lasted ten minutes, we still got totally drawn into the beautiful scene of school, especially the ancient Victoria-aged buildings. Then, we cross the crowd street, arriving at the Toronto City Hall, which designed by a Finish designer, and look like an eye when overlook from the sky. We briefly learn the history of City Hall and have a look at the mayor office, then went to the significant building-CN Tower, the highest building between 1976 to 2009. It’s fantastic to overlook the whole city and Ontario Lake. Due to the recent America Athletic Meeting, you can see the activity about it everywhere.

We went to Chinatown enjoyed the Guangdong food at lunch time.

After lunch Mr. Yu showed us to the Royal Plant Park, where the woods are lush and well proportioned. Along the road there are chipmunk running around everywhere, which are not afraid of people very much. Andrea showed us around the park, introducing the background information, several kind of main species, and the project on going here. On the spot of a patch of dead reed, we learned that they are a main kind of invasive species here causing problems like eliminating the local species, stuck animals like birds and turtles that they can’t get away. Since chemical treatment will do harm to the water, manual methods were taken such as chopping them down. Hopefully by this way the original ecology can be regained.

Then we went to the Royal Botanical Garden, which is a conservation area for native fish species, guided by working staff. Through her introduction, we learnt how to separate invasive species and native species artificially to reduce the damage caused by invasive species.

Around 4 pm, we went to the biggest shopping mall in Toronto and stayed there for about one hour. After shopping, we enjoyed our dinner and went back to Toronto Plaza Hotel. Today is a wonderful day. We not only enjoyed the recreation, but also learnt plenty of knowledge.

经过一夜的休息,激动人心的加拿大之行终于开始了。我们今天的行程主要分为两部分,上午是参观多伦多的主要景点,下午是到汉密尔顿市参观皇家植物园(Royal Botanical Gardens)和Cootes Paradise Restortion。




下午四点左右我们到达多伦多最大的购物中心并在那里停留了一个小时左右,并在晚饭后回到Toronto Plaza Hotel休息。今天一天的行程至此结束,无论是在学习知识方面还是娱乐方面都收获颇丰。


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